Sunday November 13th, 2016

Contact our treasurer for more information: talous (at)

Payment details

Rendaino ry membership fee is EUR 80,00 for the whole year or EUR 50,00 for spring and later for fall EUR 40,00. Juniors EUR 40,00.

FKA membership is EUR 35,00 and insurance fee EUR 20,00, together EUR 55,00. Thus advanced members usually pay 80,00 + 55,00 = EUR 135,00.

Basic course fee EUR 70,00 includes also FKA fee. Shinai costs additionally.

All payments are now in Suomisport-portal (link).

PRH, Finnish Patent and Registration Office:

Association name: Rendaino r.y.

Registration number: 148.781

Club account:

Account: FI13 1590 3000 1349 71 (NDEAFIHH)

Owner: Rendaino r.y.

Bogu rental

Kendo equipment, bogu rental is 5€/month. Ref. no.: 40251 Preferably payment once every 6 months.

We have a limited number equipment available.

Other reference numbers

Camp fee: 40303
Other fee: 40400