JUNIORKENDO starts on 5.9.18

Tuesday August 14th, 2018

Japanese sword fighting for juniors starts on Wed 5.9.18 at 6 PM

We have a junior course of kendo from September to December 2018!

Fitting age is 7-14 years, no previous experience is needed. At the end of the 3 month course the juniors can graduate suburi-diploma.

Juniorkendo is an hour a week:

Wed at 6-7 PM in Aninkainen schoold A-hall (Aninkaistenkatu 7)

The training and the exercises are for children, including sports games and kendo techniques.

Course price is 50 €. A shinai, a bamboo sword, is also needed. Junior shinai cost around 20-40 € depending on the model.

First training on 5.9.18 is for free to try.

Needed clothing is T-shirt and sports pants. Shoes are not needed, as we practise kendo barefoot.