Basic course

Sunday November 13th, 2016

Kendo basic course

Next Rendaino kendo basic course starts on 10.09.2019.

Are you looking for a new and interesting hobby? Kendo could be your answer – a martial art from Japan, developed from the sword fighting skills of the samurai.

New basic course starts on 10.09.2019.. Course duration is approximately 3 months. The course ends with the graduation of the 6th kyu grade.

The training is twice a week. The schedule will be published later on our front page.

Basic course price is 50 €. Additionally a you need a shinai, a bamboo sword. Shinai cost around 30-40 € depending on the model.

First week is for free to try.

For clothing you need a T-shirt and sports pants. Shoes are not needed, as we practise kendo barefoot.

Entrances to both halls at Aninkainen school:

Course contact person: Voitto Vilkama, pj (at)

Additional information is available via email or by visiting us at our regular training.

To join our basic course, come to the first practise, if possible. The duration of the course is three months. At the end of the basic course the members can graduate 6. kyu.

Sports trousers and a T-shirt are the preferred clothing, barefoot. Using a hakama and gi already during basic course is also possible.

A bogu is required only later on, not right after the basic course. A few loan bogus may also be available to new members and visitors. After the basic course members are encouraged to acquire their own bogu within a few months.

Basic course fee is 50 €, and shinai 20-40 €. The 6. kyu graduation is 20 €.

The basic course includes basic things, such as basic coordination, strikes, footwork, voice control and dojo etiquette. At first without partner and later on more and more in pairs, also receiving strikes with the shinai. Eventually also striking against bogu, worn by older members of the club, to get the feeling for real contact.

After the basic course the new members are welcome to the advanced keiko, training, to camps and further graduations as they acquire new skills.

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