Sunday November 13th, 2016

Contact our treasurer for more information: talous (at)

PRH, Finnish Patent and Registration Office:

Association name: Rendaino r.y.

Registration number: 148.781

Club account:

Account: FI13 1590 3000 1349 71 (NDEAFIHH)

Owner: Rendaino r.y.

FKA payments

Finnish Kendo Association membership 35€ /year
Insurance 20€ /year
Total 55€

Ref. no.: 40109

To be paid by the end of January – due 31.1.

Club membership

60€ /year.

Ref. no.: 40154

Membership fee can also be paid in two parts: first 40€ part in February, next 30€ part in September.

To be paid simultaneously with the FKA-fee by the end of January – due 31.1.

Basic course fee

Basic course fee is 50€; Ref. no.: 40057

FKA graduation fee for 6. kyu at the end of the course is 20 €.

Bogu rental

Kendo equipment, bogu rental is 5€/month. Ref. no.: 40251

We have a limited number equipment available.

Other reference numbers

Graduation fee: 40206
Camp fee: 40303
Other fee: 40400